Interviewing a Designer

ASID Design Professionals are informative and will help you narrow the decision making process as you embark on a design project that will bring you rewards for years to come. Here are some of the decisions and questions you will want to decide in advance of your first interview with a designer.

  • What is my primary goal?
  • What is the function of the space, its use and number of people?
  • What areas should I include in the project (Scope of the Project)?
  • What are my time parameters?
  • Do I need help with Lighting?
  • Do I need experts in other areas like Engineers , Contractors, or Architects?
  • What styles do I like?
  • Do I have definite dislikes in style or color?
  • How much should I spend (Cost of the Project)?
  • How do Interior Designers charge (Compensation/fees)?
  • Does the designers portfolio support the work they say they can do?
  • If not, can you visit a job site which does?

Be prepared to give the design professional the most realistic portrait of what you expect to achieve and what your financial parameters will be.

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